Live, teach, and encourage people in our community to participate in self-driven initiatives to combat overweight and obesity through focusing on nutrition, physical activity, and spirituality.
Focus on healing the whole person - mind and spirit.
Why Good 2 Great Wellness
We have put together a program that has been proven to increase your nutritional awareness and assist you in maintaining or losing weight in a self-competitive environment. 
  • Our workouts are geared to increasing strength and flexibility, congruently shaping your body to be trimmer and firmer in a holistic atmosphere 
  • Our program focuses on teaching you how to prepare the foods you enjoy through our Nutritional Meal Demonstrations and Nutritional classroom sessions
  • Our innovative Fitness Test pushes you to score a “Perfect 10” in categories that have been scientifically proven to be a testament to great health

We encourage you to try our program and experience how obtaining a healthy lifestyle can help prevent major life threatening illnesses and diseases, and take your overall condition from Good 2 Great!


We believe that by focusing on three areas:
Nutrition - what one eats and how it affects the body
Physical Activity - body movements to stimulate blood flow
Spirituality - the essence of being sensitive to Godly matters
we will be able to empower people with the ability to reach their utmost potential.
We believe that we can reduce the number of overweight or obese people in our community through providing educational opportunities that foster a comprehensive lifestyle change. 
We believe that our revolutionary style of wellness will excite people and encourage them to pursue their utmost potential through being more meticulous in their food choices, workouts, and demeanor.
We believe that we have the best people working together to create the best programs centered around our mission of healing the whole body - mind and spirit.