Our Founder

"Coach Q"

Born and raised in Texas, I competed in football ​and track & field throughout high school, earning All-City Honors and All-State Honors respectively.  Although I received offers to play collegiate football from across the nation, I accepted a scholarship to be a student-athlete at the University of Notre Dame.  During my stint at the University of Notre Dame I received multiple

All-Big East Conference honors in the High Jump and Triple Jump.

After college, I settled down in Indianapolis, IN ​where I coached part-time at Cathedral High School while working a full-time job.   I coached a State Champion High Jumper, two State Runner-Up High Jumpers, a State Qualifer Long Jumper, and multiple
All-Catholic, All-District, All-City, and All-Regional high and long jumpers. 

In 2014 I joined the Army Reserves and became a Nutrition Care Specialist after receiving a "Good News, Bad News"
report from my doctor.  During a routine visit, my doctor took vitals and drew blood and stated that everything looked good, but wanted to see what my blood results would state.  My doctor was not too worried because I was eating well and "looked" like I was in good shape.  30 days later my doctor called me back in.  The "Good News" was that I was alive and the doctor attributed that to my eating habits.  The "Bad News" was that I could potentially die because my body was not getting the oxygen it needed.  I was not working out and my blood was thicker than it should be...I should have had a major life threatening event according to my doctor.

During Basic Training I spoke with several individuals that were impacted by similar potentially life threatening events.  In fact, I learned that my father was one of them, he had Type 2 Diabetes.  It was also during this training period that I learned that nearly all life threatening illnesses can be prevented by eating healthy and working out.  Facts such as 
1 IN EVERY 3 African American has Diabetes, 
and by 2050 it is estimated that 1 IN EVERY 2 
will have the life threatening disease did not sit well with me.
 Hence the start of Good 2 Great Wellness. 

Good 2 Great Wellness was created in 2015 with three pillars in mind - Nutritional, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness.  As an American soldier, a former coach, and All-conference athlete, I  decided to focus my efforts onto training and teaching others about the importance of eating right, how to workout safely, and most of all, getting spiritually fit.  Our workouts are specifically designed to target your entire essence - mind, body, and soul.  I welcome you to join us and go from