Nutritional Wellness

Eating is something that we are passionate about at Good 2 Great Wellness!  Because we are so in love with what we eat, we teach you about the foods you consume also.  We have weekly classes that educate you on how to prepare your favorite dishes in a manner that is healthy and flavorful.  Our weekly classes also provide information about what to look for when you are shopping for groceries or out at your favorite restaurant.  
Plus, once a month, there is a full meal demonstration in which you will observe, and have the opportunity to eat, an entirely good meal highlighting nutritionally great elements.

Physical Wellness

Complementing our affection for eating is our desire to be physically fit.  We have weekly classes that are moderate to high intensity and are designed to help you improve your overall health.  We encourage group participation and we have designed a series of tests to assist in monitoring your progression from good to great health.  The tests are given at set intervals throughout the program and have a point system evaluation weighted appropriately for every age group.  
Whether you are 18 or 60, we have the ability to give you the tools to push yourself to exceed your own expectations.

Spiritual Wellness

Combining a desire to understand God's Word with our passion for eating and being fit will mold ourselves into being great individuals.  All of our classes have an element of spirituality.  We do not preach, but we encourage the application of Biblical principles.  Eating right and working out is not always easy and there are times when we need spiritual inspiration to help us out.  Hence, why we have implemented this into our program.  We know that the road is not always easy, yet, we also know that in the end, our good effort will in turn produce great results.